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The Iguana Studios offer modern and high quality technology. 

The rooms were planned by Dipl. Ing. Markus Bertram [company mbakustik] and are characterized by very pleasant and lively, but still sufficiently dry acoustics.

Specially made acoustic installations allow the interior acoustics to be individually adapted to the respective production requirements.

The control room is equipped with a powerful yet whisper-quiet air conditioning system.

The recording room offers variable acoustics and an inspiring view of the iguana.

A fully equipped kitchen offers the possibility for self-sufficiency.

The studio is located in a small, idyllic place that is about 5 minutes after the motorway exit and allows you to work undisturbed



As a producer, mixer and mastering engineer with over 22 years of experience, I specialize in technically complex, dynamically clear and distinct-sounding hard & heavy productions. In the rock and metal scene, Iguana Studios has been an known benchmark for many years.

We rely on state-of-the-art and high-quality technology and create a creative atmosphere supported by a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, and our mascot, the iguana. I work in the rock and metal scene myself and understand your needs and expectations for your music production.



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The recording engineer ensures that the recording is technically flawless and sonically pleasing, so that an optimal result can be achieved during the mixing stage.

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The process of merging different audio recordings into a harmonious and balanced sound to best convey the musical message.

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The final step in the production of music or audio content, to create a sonically perfect version of the song for release in various formats.



My references include successful productions for bands such as Necrophagist, Deadborn, Finsterforst, Unlight, and Maladie, which have been highly praised by reputable critics. The quality of my work is confirmed by these reviews, and contributes to the Iguana Studios being recognized as a reference in the Hard & Heavy scene.


Although my focus is on the Hard and Heavy sector, I also work in many other areas. These include voice recordings for companies, live recordings of classical music and a cappella jazz performances.

Even when recording unusual instruments and sound sources such as singing stones, Celtic harps, howling dogs, and droning bagpipes, I find the right microphone placement to capture these unique sounds optimally.

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