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Though the recording itself is very important, the mix is usually the most complex and challenging part of the production which has the biggest effect on the outcome. A bad mix can turn the most shining tracks into something very ordinary while a good mix can convert a suboptimal demo-recording into something quite definite, or a great recording into something extraordinary.

At Iguana Studios we are mixing productions which were recorded somewhere else on a regular basis. As always, we are not just applying a standard treatment to the tracks – though our work might contain a slight touch of „Iguana Signature Sound“ in the end, we will always go for a custom workflow specifically tailored the music, the performance of the musicians and the philosophy of the band.

Iguana mixes are known for their individual sound, for their uniqueness, transparency and dynamics, their great depth and a three-dimensional feel – while sounding fat, punchy and aggressive at the same time with realistic sounding drums and guitars/bass which feature the riffing in the best possible way. Talking about the heavy stuff here – of course a jazz-ballad will not sound that way.

We recorded, mixed and mastered truckloads of records in the past decade, all kinds of music. Though we are mainly known for our complex and tight hard n heavy productions, there are a lot of „other“ recordings out there which were also done here. Classical music, medieval stuff, funk, jazz, a cappella, ska etc – when it comes to mix and mastering, there are even a few electro-tracks among our references.

Please get in touch as early as possible, so we can provide help even before you start recording [If you get in touch with us at an early stage of the project, we also provide some help even before you start recording] – this way, we can avoid having to compromise later when mixing. For example, if you don’t have the possibilities we can offer, it could be a good idea to reamp guitars while tracking. A DI-Track might help a lot here, just as for drums, if you have to deal with a suboptimal recording situation, we can fix that using quality samples. Of course we also like to keep and feature the sound you recorded: It all depends on your goals and ideas, the desired result and of course the quality of the tracks.

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