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Recording is more than just hitting the record button. Recording is an art and contains technical aspects as well as creative ones. Of course we can work miracles when editing and mixing stuff which was recorded somewhere else, we can make even suboptimal recorded stuff sound tight and 100% killer …

But there is nothing like a full session done at Iguana Studios.

Today it is quite easy to knock up some cool MIDI-drums with EZ drummer or record some guitars directly to the computer, using digital amp simulation like Guitar Rig or POD Farm. At Iguana Studios, we will record everything the real and the right way: Great musicians with great instruments, in a great room with great microphones, preamps etc – and with a great vibe. And what’s more, they will be supported by a producer who really cares about the stuff and the takes, and who offers help when help is needed.

Of course we can use all kinds of modern sound replacement, reamping and editing as well (and if this is necessary for the sound we’re after, we will), but we prefer to record the instruments the best possible way first. A real and great sounding drum kit, played by a talented drummer which is NOT quantized to death and completely replaced by zero-dynamic bog standard samples later is priceless!

The way we record is always based on the philosophy of the band, the style, the music etc – we will support you long before the session starts to make sure that your music will sound like it should. If we need a modern ultra-hyped and ultra-tight sound – we know how to do it. If you aim at a classy 80’s sound – we can do it, using the benefits of today’s possibilities combined with old school recording and mixing strategies.

A jazz combo playing together live needs a different approach then tech death metal:

Usually, most of modern music is recorded by overdubbing, only one instrument at the time. Here, for instance, a good pre-production is important. We will discuss this together and work out the most effective way. Often the band can save studio time by doing pre-production stuff at home, so the drummer can already (practice) rehearce to the playbacks, click track etc.

Whenever musicians are playing together, live and in the same room, some other things are important as well: Great vibe and a perfect monitoring situation – when doing it old school, we will use our state of the art software just like a tape machine, but with advanced editing possibilities (if required).

Recording with well placed microphones through quality preamps and high end converters will provide a great sonic quality in any situation.


We make the difference because we care about the music.

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